Yoga – is not about body-wrenching positions or secret Eastern religious philosophy. It’s about gently bringing your body and mind back in touch with each other – and giving yourself a chance to heal.

  • Yoga is Exercise – to unite,- bring together, yoke
  • Yoga is Breathing – to integrate body, mind and spirit
  • Yoga is Connection – awareness of self and others

The daily Yoga routines (you learn during our weekly community class) come in four ways: breathing, poses, relaxation and meditation. Together they relax the body, and help you focus and clear the mind. This gives you more energy and vigor with a sense of inner contentment and peace.


Saturday (Weekly) Yoga Community Class  – Kundalini Yoga with Brenda Lee (Siridev Kaur)
Fees: 10GhC/class or 50GhC a month as part of LWC FitClub
Timing: 8:30-10am
Where:  LifeWellness Center: 5 LifeWellness Street, Off Spintex Road Community 16, Accra

  • We have limited Yoga mats and we urge those who have mats to bring them along.
  • Come and experience and honor the divine in you.

Satnam & Namaste

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